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Homeowners Insurance: I own the property and want to make sure my family and belongings are protected

Simplifying The Home Insurance Industry

Because house insurance is so complex, we're particularly proud of the way we've designed and refined our quoting process. We have ensured minimal questions in our forms to get all the information needed to give our customers accurate quotes. Even if you're not a computer genius, you'll usually be done inside of five minutes.



As simple as it sounds. Just enter your home address or the address of the house you want to insure and hit the 'Get Quote' button



Once you receive our instant quote, select the coverage you require and the premium amount from the options available



We believe that your policy should be as distinct and unique as your home which is why the next set of pages requires you to choose adequate limits of protection.



Once your coverage and policy details are finalized, fill in your payment details as you would for any e-commerce transaction and get you home insurance policy in your e-mail instantly


Your Home

We customize protection for your home. Your address and our data allow us to offer you the coverage you need based on your home's size, location and features.


Your Choice

You can get an instant quote on the web, speak to one of our phone reps, or get your policy from one of our independent agents. However you choose to buy, we'll offer the best price we can for your home.


Your Time

In just a few minutes, you'll have a policy - it's among the fastest and easiest ways to buy insurance today.

What you get from Plymouth Rock


Unique Protection

Besides your home and belongings, we also offer unique coverages like home sharing (think Airbnb or HomeAway), identity monitoring and replacing your major appliances if they break down.

Discounts for doing good

Get rewarded for doing good. If you keep your house safe with a security system or you help the environment by going paperless, you'll save money with us. Check out all of our discounts when you get your quote.

Customer service the way you want it

If you like to shop on-line and manage your home policy yourself, you can do that with us. If you want to talk with somebody about your policy or coverage options, we can do that too - give us a call. If you want to work with a local agent in your town, no problem. And, you can use all three - online, company rep and agent - to buy and manage your policy!

What our customers say

"Amazing. I was literally shocked by the superb service. I did not think service like this existed anymore thank you."

~ Paula M

5 star

"Unbelievably fast. The representative was courteous and helpful. I blinked and the whole process was over. The check was literally in the mail."

~ Lena B

5 star

"Plymouth Rock has a top notch professional and proficient staff. We were very satisfied with the response and settlement."

~ John P

5 star